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About Us:

We are a high quality window cleaning and property maintenance company. We have been in the industry for over twenty-five years.

For our window cleaning services, we are, as far as we know unique in our offer. We use traditional methods of cleaning mixed with the latest liquid hydrophobic coating nano-technologies to give a long lasting clean, allowing us to offer our customers an unrivalled clean and longer intervals between cleans than either a hand applied conventional detergent based clean or a de-ionised water fed pole clean can achieve AND... we pride ourselves in doing a good job. - Yes we do use de-ionised water in our cleaning but we only use a fraction of the quantity used by the water fed pole method of cleaning. The secret of our cleaning is in the advanced nano-technology hydrophobic solutions we use. The nano-particles in these solutions effectively seal the glass as we clean, preventing dirt from keying to its surface in between cleans, leading to cleaner windows for longer. For your complete reassurance, the hydrophobic particles int he solutions we use are completely inert and therfore cannot react with any other substance or cause damage to glass, plastic, wood or paint.

Our customers enjoy a first rate job, cleaner windows for much longer than conventional or de-ioned water type cleans can achieve and, most importantly, they reap the financial benefit of longer intervals between cleans - meaning fewer window cleaning visits per year.

We are environmentally considerate in our approach to all our work. We do not waste valuable environmental resources such as water and we are considerate in our use of other cleaning agents. We recycle all waste and only use products manufactured using sustainable methods, raw materials and other resources.

We operate from Clevedon in North Somerset in roughly a 50 mile radius (without getting our feet wet!)

As to the range of property maintenance jobs we can do, the list is too long to set out here but it's worth mentioning that if you have something you need to have cleaned repaired or constructed new, we will be happy to look at it and give you a fixed price for undertaking the work.

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