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External Window Cleaning Price Guide:

The following prices are for guidance only as the quoted price is based on a time related charge. We calculate the cost of each job separately and the cost depends straightforwardly on how accessible the windows are, how many ladder placements are required to complete the job or how easy remote pole access is and how many and how large or small the individual panes of glass within a window frame are.



Below you will find a guide to the cost of our regular cleaning service. These prices are based on PVC windows with some openers but otherwise clear surfaces with no surface mounted lead work or plastic georgian bar standing proud of the external face of the window glass. To obtain a firm quotation you will need to contact us and request a visit.

Prices for Regular Cleaning

Bungalows - from approx. £10.00

2 bedroom home - from approx £10.00

3 bedroom home - from approx £13.50

4 bedroom home - from approx £16.00

5+ bedroom home - from approx 20.00

Larger homes and other types of buildings - POA

The above prices are average prices across our current client base, some are less others are more. These prices assume all windows are readily accessible, but exclude conservatory and outbuilding windows. Partial cleans will obviously be at less cost than the prices shown here. However, our minimum visit fee is £10.00

Unlike some other companies, we do not surcharge* our normal prices for first cleans if you undertake to have us clean your windows regularly, even if you ask us to remove the 'muck of ages' the first time around.

Prices for One-Off Cleaning

Bungalows - from approx £ 12.00

2 bedroom home - from approx £13.00

3 bedroom home - from approx £15.00

4 bedroom home - from approx £20.00

5+ bedroom home - from approx £25.00

Larger homes and other types of buildings - POA

Internal Window Cleaning Price Guide:

Prices for internal window cleaning are comparable to external window cleaning, given that the same area of glazing requires cleaning. Other than that, as with the external cleaning price structure, each job is individually priced according to the quantity of glass to be cleaned and the quantity of separate panes of glass involved and the time it will take to do all the cleaning required. Our pricing of internal cleaning assumes that all glazing is readily accessible and all window cill ornaments have been removed prior to us starting work (in common with all other trades, we are not insured to handle a customer's property.)

* In normal circumstances this is the case, no surcharge for a first clean. However, if there are stains or marks which require specialist removal techniques, kit or chemicals, outwith the norm for regular window cleaning we provide a separate price for deep or specialist cleaning normally done as a separate exercise, prior to finishing off with a normal clean. You should also be aware that it may not be possible or safe to remove all stains or marks in one go (or at all) from glass surfaces due to the increased risk of scratching the glass surface by reason of an increased amount of hardened dirt being present. We prefer, in the case of paint splashes and the like, to progressively remove them over the course of several regular visits so that scratching is avoided. Some paints will in any case need specialist cleaning solutions to safely remove them and this service is carried out as a deep clean.

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