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Our unique Easy Clean method of Window cleaning...

Top Rung offers a unique window cleaning service in the South West of the UK. We use a proven method of cleaning windows which works just as well outside and inside and which exploits the latest nano-technology, to give you a window which stays cleaner for longer than the traditional or water-fed pole and de-ionised water method can manage on its own.

Our unique cleaning method, reduces significantly, the number of times a year our customers' windows need cleaning, leading to big savings for them.

So, go on, say cheerio to having your windows cleaned every four or six weeks with dirty water, a dirty mop and dirty drying rags and look forward to having them cleaned just four or six times a year, depending on how clean you want them to remain in between cleans.

We guarantee that, in most cases*, our method of window cleaning means you can look forward to savings of 40% or more from your annual window cleaning bill.

Our easy clean window cleaning service represents the future direction for the window cleaning industry. As far as we know, Top Rung is the only company offering this service in this part of the country. So why spend more money than you have to... Call us today for a free no obligation quotation and for more information.

*Ask us about our clean window guarantee when you ask us for a no obligation quote.

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