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Overview of our Terms and Conditions:

Our terms and conditions are divided into several components:

Those which apply to our window cleaning work are contained in each quotation we supply. For domestic window cleaning, you are not bound to a contract save for giving us 48 hours notice of cancellation prior to a pre-arranged appointment, in order to avoid incurring an aborted visit charge.

For repair work, all our relevant terms and conditions are contained in any quotation we provide.

For larger works and for works with an element of new build we operate to a Joint Contract Tribunal (JCT) 'Small Works' form of contract as modified to suit the circumstances of each scope of works.

Any quotation we supply is without obligation either to us or by us to the recipient and is not a contract or any similar statement of intent, between the parties named within the quotation, to carry out the work. However if you choose to accept the quotation within the validity period, we will carry out the work for the price indicated, by arrangement.

Any quotation we supply will have marked on it its period of validity and will state what items are excluded from it or, whether it is subject to special terms.

Where it is not possible to provide an exact price at the time of a quotation, sufficient breakdown of detail will be supplied within the quotation to allow for the identification of all the fixed price components and all the variable cost components. Where there are variable prices quoted, an allowance price is used and customers should be aware that these may go up or down depending on the cost of the estimated parts and / or the eventual extent of the work carried out.

Terms of payment will be written into each quotation whatever the type of work.

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