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Our Insurances:

To reassure our customers and those who are thinking of engaging our services, we feel it is important for you to know that we carry adequate insurance for the types of work we undertake . To underpin that reassurance, there is a link on this page to a copy of our current Public liability Insurance schedule of cover and most importantly, to a receipted Invoice proving that the annual premium has already been paid in full. We have in place an uninterrupt ed cover policy which means that our insurance continues beyond renewal seamlessly during the period when the paperwork is being updated.

You are more than welcome to check our insurance policy to satisfy yourself that we have adequate cover in force to meet the legal requirements for the work we carry out for you or, for work you may be thinking of engaging us to do for you.

Like most responsible traders, it is the policy of this company to carry a core set of Insurances which covers us for all our mainstream activities at all times.

Where we need to carry extra cover for activities outside the scope of the core insurance, or where the liability limits may need to be lifted, we arrange to do this when and where necessary. All you have to do if you have a query about the level and type of our cover is to raise your concern with us and we will be happy to address it.

For certain specialist works we undertake, we may chose to use sub-contractors. For our customers' reassurance, we vet all of our sub-contractors to ensure that they carry adequate insurances of their own.

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