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Payment Page:

General conditions of payment for regular cleaning or other minor maintenance work

All the work we do is carried out either under a casual contract or a formal written contract. For more details of what the difference is and how they are applied to different work we do go here .

When we have completed our work, we will issue an invoice or in the case of small jobs or regular window cleaning - a 'request' - which may be verbal, for payment. All our invoices and 'requests' are immediately due for payment, once issued. If you are present when we have completed our work, you will have the opportunity, if you chose to do so, to pay us there and then against that invoice or 'request' but we usually prefer to be paid against an invoice issued after we have left the customer's premises.

When we issue an invioce, we will normally require payment within seven days of the date of the invoice or 'request' (unless we've agreed a different settlement period with you and printed it on the invoice or 'request',) by any of the means of payment which we accept.

If you are not present when we have completed our work, we will, by prior arrangement, either post your invoice or 'request' through your letterbox or, e-mail your invoice or 'request' to you, along with a link to our electronic payment provider. You can then either follow the instructions in the e-mail and on our electronic payment site to make your payment electronically, or call us on the telephone to make an appointment for us to call and collect what you owe if you prefer to pay by cash or cheque.

Payments for work of large value carry their own terms and conditions for payment and are according to the contract in force for the work.

Methods of payment:

You can settle your account in any of the following ways:

We accept Payments:

  • In Cash

We accept cash only to a maximum value of £25 when we call to clean or repair.

  • By Debit or Credit Card or Paypal

We recognise that many people no longer use cheques nor have ready cash on them. For your convenience and our security therefore, we prefer to be paid electronically either by debit / credit card or via Paypal.

  • By Bank Transfer or standing order

As explained above, for your convenience, all our invoices or 'requests' have our bank details on them in a section detailing how you can settle the account. You may settle your account in either of these ways but please ensure that you include the account number printed on the invoice or 'request' when setting up your payment otherwise we will not be able to identify your payment. We will always be happy to receive an e-mail from you advising us when a payment has been made by Bank transfer.

  • By Cheque

We accept cheques only for amounts of £20 or over. Sorry, but we do not accept cheques by post.

We invoice after we have completed our work. All invoices carry the details as to how to make a payment. For those wishing to pay by debit or credit card or by Paypal, each invoice contains a link for payment by these means.

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