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Roof and Valley Cleaning Service:

Do you have half the world growing on your roof or in your lead valleys? If so, then it's time to remove the stuff before it causes permanent damage. Moulds, moss, lichens and weeds growing on a roof or in the roof valleys, while in some circumstances may add to the charm of a property, will nevertheless, eventually cause damage and reduce weather-tightness.

Straightforward high pressure washing only, will not get rid of the problem. While it might be quick and make your roof look better straight away, all it will do is move the unsightly material to somewhere else. The smallest amount left undone will cause annoying recurrence as if nothing had been done.

Our service deals with the problem of the algae, moss and lichens by killing them off in the first place and at the same time, applying an inhibitor to reduce the pace of recurrence in the future.

The same treatment we use on other outdoor surfaces also works on roofs and in roof valleys. To be able to apply the treatment all we need to be able to do is to access the ridge of the roof in need of cleaning in order to apply the treatment in a downward direction (house roofs are not watertight to water sprayed upwards.) We often help the process by pressure washing off excessive build up of moss or mould deposits beforehand and, as with treating other outdoor surfaces with an algaecidal wash, the treatment actually helps to reduce recurrence.

As part of this service we may, if appropriate, use high pressure washing kit in order to clear away excessive detritus before applying the treatment and inhibitor.

If you would like your roof cleaned, just get in touch for a free no obligation quotation

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