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Regular external window cleaning:

Our regular service offers the following features:


Top Rung offers external window cleaning on a four, eight or twelve weekly basis.

  • 4 weekly - amounts to 12 cleans per year (we miss out one cleaning slot in the summer for our own holidays)
  • 8 weekly - amounts to 6 - 7 cleans per year (depending when in the year the first clean is)
  • 12 weekly - amounts to 4 cleans per year (we leave a longer gap in the summer for our own holidays)

Although our unique cleaning method means that windows stay cleaner for much longer, in our experience, an eight week or twelve week gap between cleans suits most people. Nevertheless, we are more than happy to clean every four weeks.

Customers are free to change their mind if they think there is no need to clean as often as they choose to start off with. In fact, we will tell you if we are really cleaning your windows or just polishing our reflection in them, because we don't want to waste your hard earned cash on any unnecessary cleaning.

Scope of clean:

Top Rung offers full and partial window cleans, subject to a minimum visit fee.

Type of clean:

Top Rung offers offers water fed pole cleaning and the traditional type of bucket and squeegee window cleaning but we use the latest nano-technology to provide cleaner windows for much longer (go here for more information), allowing our customers to cut their annual window cleaning bills significantly.

Appointment service:

Unlike most of our competitors, Top Rung offers an appointment only service. When we provide you with a written quote for the window cleaning work you want done, we also provide a list of possible appointment slots for you to choose your first appointment from and then, with your agreement, we timetable the remaining slots for the rest of the year. That way, barring adverse weather, you will know when we are going to clean your windows. If we can't meet an appointment due to unexpected circumstances arising beyond our control, we will usually let you know beforehand. When we provide you with the year's worth of appointment slots in advance, we will show against each appointment slot, what work is to be done. If you find any appointed date and time inconvenient, we are more than happy to re-arrange, nearer the time of the particular appointment.

You are not obliged in any way by our appointment only service, beyond letting us know not less than 48 hours in advance of the next appointment that you no longer require our services or you wish to cancel or move an appointment to a more suitable date and / or time.

Window cleaning prices:

We price each job we do separately as we like to meet our individual customers' needs and no two jobs are the same. To give you an indication of our prices, click here. One of the benefits in choosing Top Rung to clean your windows is that in normal circumstances, we do not charge any supplement for a first clean unless your windows and / or window frames are exceptionally dirty, sufficient to require a deep clean service in order to render them clean. Deep cleaning of windows and frames is charged for separately and we can advise you when we call to provide a quotation whether such a clean is a recommended first step. However it is worth reassuring you that such cleaning is seldom required.

Convenient ways to pay:

We recognise that in this day and age, our customers will not always be at home when we call to clean their windows. We prefer to invoice by e-mail after we have cleaned, for settlement electronically by Internet banking, BACS, debit / credit card or Paypal. However, we will, by specific prior arrangement, accept payment of small sums (not greater than twenty pounds) in cash or by cheque (minimum value applies to cheque payments,) when we call to clean your windows. For more details, please go to our Ways to Pay section on our Settle your account page.


We provide you with a free no-obligation quotation in writing to include the cleaning services you require. Either click here to send us an enquiry form or call us on 01275 878630 or 07702 835007 to arrange an appointment for us to visit you at a convenient time.

If you have any questions about our services, or any of their features, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.

Other features and benefits of our service:

Phone call, text or e-mail before our visit:

If you would like an appointment reminder in advance, we can call you on the phone, text you on your mobile or, e-mail you a couple of days before. This is particularly useful for both us and our customers, if we are cleaning the outsides of all your windows and you will not be present to open any side gate for us when we call.

Window and door cills cleaned for free:

Unlike some of our competitors, if you take up a regular cleaning service from us, we clean your window cills and door cills for no extra cost, unless they are particularly dirty (i.e. need more work than a normal cleaning process provides for) in which case we reserve the right to make a small additional charge to cover the additional work involved.

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