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Commercial Services:

We offer a range of commercial window cleaning services and property maintenance for educational establishments, offices, shops and other commercial premises...

Please note that we do not provide roped access services.

However, we clean both the outsides and insides of windows and glass partitions.

We also clean gutters, uPVC, timber and steel doors and frames.

For Property Maintenance and repairs, please see the relevant pages under the main Property Maintenance page. OUr maintenance and repair services apply equally to the domestic and comercial sectors.

Our 'Easy Care' Commercial Window Cleaning Service:

Dramatically cut the Window Cleaning overheads in your business with our unique 'Easy Care' window cleaning service and pocket the savings.

In these recession bitten times, shop owners and other businesses who have traditionally needed their windows cleaned very regularly, may wish to seize an opportunity to reduce window cleaning costs dramatically (by at least 40%) and still have clean windows.

Where's the catch??... How do we do it?...

There's no catch. We charge pretty much the same as our competitors per visit. The big difference is in the unique method we use in cleaning windows, which allows us to dramatically reduce the number of cleaning visits required in a year. This makes a big difference to the window cleaning overhead for any business. As a business owner, you can benefit directly from the often significant savings generated.

We do it by exploiting a proven nano-technology additive which we put in our cleaning water in order to create an invisible coating on the glass surface as we clean it. The effect of this nano-coating, which is completely inert, is to prevent dirt from the street, the atmosphere or rainwater itself, from sticking to the surface of the glass, thus allowing ordinary rainwater to wash most of the accumulating dirt from the window, dramatically reducing the need to clean the window by, on average, 45%.

There are other benefits too, in as much as finger smudges and other marks become much more easy to just wipe off between cleans.

We call this our Easy Care Window Cleaning Service and it is, as far as we know, unique to our company and unique in this part of the UK. We operate this cleaning service alongside our traditional window cleaning services.

As an example, If you have a shop or office front with ground floor windows cleaned every couple of days or every week, by taking advantage of our Easy Clean service, you could increase the time interval between cleans to as much as weekly (instead of every 2 days) or even 4 weekly (instead of weekly) and still have windows cleaner than they are now, just before they're about to be cleaned.

We offer the same 'Easy Clean' service for the internal surfaces of your windows too!

Please contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

Other Services we offer:

We offer a full pressure washing service covering walls, paths drives, pavements, timber and other structures. We do not however, offer a graffiti and gum removal service yet.

Please feel free to discuss your window cleaning a property maintenance requirements with us.

Please contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

As per our 'Where we operate page', our commercial services are offered over a wider area than our Domestic services and we cover the entire BS post code area and most of the BA, TA, NP, SN and GL postcode areas.

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