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Patios, Paths and Driveway Cleaning Service:

We do this sort of cleaning using a high pressure hard surface cleaner and a variety of other specialist tools all designed to do the job of removing the grime and the slippery stuff quickly and economically.

Then, in a second visit when what we've cleaned has dried, we apply an algaecidal wash to the cleaned area. This kills off any lingering algae, lichen and moss spores and retards the return of the grime and slime meaning that your Patio, driveway or path stays cleaner and less slippery for longer.

In normal circumstances, after the pressure cleaning has been done and an algaecidal treatment has been carried out on the first occasion, so long as the patio, driveway or path is out in the open, an annual application of the algaecidal treatment should be sufficient to keep things looking good and should keep the slime away.

As an additional option (at additional cost), we will also coat the hard surface we've cleaned with an appropriate sealing fluid.

If you would like your patio, driveway or paths cleaned or you would just like to purchase the algaecidal fluid which we use in order to carry out an annual treatment without a pressure clean, just get in touch for a free no obligation quotation or for details of how you can purchase the product from us.

The chemical we use contains no acid or bleach and is completely environmentally sound and harmless to children and pets once dry but don't water your plants and grass with this stuff by mistake!!

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