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Our Philosophy and values:

If you were expecting some woolly and irrelevant mission statement, forget it! We're a down to earth company, keen to do a good job safely, in order to satisfy our customers and give our prospective customers the confidence that we know what we're about and are competent in what we do and, most importantly, that we will deliver a quality result - end of story.

Our Philosophy:

Our philosophy can be summed up in the following simple statements: "treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves", "tread lightly, say little, do much"

Our Values:

At Top Rung, we value our customers, they provide us with the means to earn a living so we treat them well and provide the service they require at a time which suits them and at a price which they are happy with.

Over the years, we have developed a loyal band of customers who, we are proud to say, keep coming back to us and ask us to do more work for them. This is the most important influence in our business, the fact that people keep coming back to us. We believe that we must therefore be doing something right. It's what gets us out of bed in the morning. So if you've received good service from us tell everyone else, not us. If we've done something wrong or missed something out that we should have done (we're only humans trying to do our best,) tell us first please and we will put it right for you.

Our environmental footprint is important to us so we make sure that the methods and the materials we use are the most appropriate ones to use in terms of their impact on continuing sustainability and the environment.

We also pride ourselves on being thorough and effective in our work. We take care with the health and safety aspects of work, always carry valid core public and products liability insurances and we pay attention to detail. In these ways we build quality into our work.

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